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Sheep & Mountain Goat Channel
  • A Sheep Hunters Reunion

    Join EDGE Host Steve Ecklund and long-time friend Darren Mckenzie on a sheep hunt that takes these two back to where they first met, on the mountain.

  • Kamchatka Reverence: In Pursuit of Snow Sheep

    Ryan Efurd travels to the remote Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia in pursuit of Kamchatka Snow Sheep. This region, with its jagged peaks is home to over 160 volcanos, 29 still active today. It is often considered the ultimate destination for the avid sportsman seeking a true mountain experience.

  • Slam Ram

    Anticipation is high as we watch The Edge Abroad host Steve Ecklund in the final instalment of his 'Ram Slam' saga. Join him on his quest to complete this epic feat as he travels to Sonora, Me

  • The Best of Season 5

    Season 5 finale. Watch the best of the best from our hosts all rolled into one episode.

  • The Best of Season 11

    A look back at some of the most memorable moments from Season 11. Highlights from top hunts, plenty of laughs and bloopers that didn't quite make the cut.

  • Double Vision

    Jen and Kerry Shears are after two bighorn sheep with Carter Outfitting in Alberta.

  • Good-Luck Buck

    See a new bow that simplifies tuning with no bow press required. Take a tour of an arrow factory to see what sets them apart. Then, Tinsae Rucks gets a second shot at a Wisconsin whitetail.

  • Colorado Sheep

    This week on Outdoor Bound TV we follow along with Doctor Kyle Anderson on a once in a lifetime bighorn sheep hunt in Colorado. After applying for 15 years, he drew this coveted tag and is going on a do-it-yourself hunt high in the rocky mountains.

  • Grand Slam Ram

    After 14 years of sheep hunting, Mike has finally completed his North American Sheep Grand Slam. Follow along the whole journey as we recap each hunt throughout North America.

  • Counting Sheep

    Host Joe Eppele, and guest Kyle Burritt, spend 14 days in BC's backcountry in pursuit of the elusive stone sheep.

  • A Dall for Aspen

    After many attempts, and with her 7 year old daughter in tow, will Jen finally get a Yukon Dall sheep?

  • Desert Bighorn in Mexico

    An amazing hunt of a lifetime chasing desert bighorn sheep in Mexico.

  • Alaska Mountain Goat

    Steve West hunts coastal Alaska with his CVA muzzleloader for mountain goats.

  • New Mexico Pronghorn

    Shane and Cliff head to New Mexico with H&A Outfitters with giant pronghorn on their minds.

  • Peaks & Prey Marathon 2020

    Peaks and Prey is a 90 minute marathon of some of Wild TV's most incredible mountain hunts featuring trophy sheep, goats and more - all in extremely challenging alpine conditions.

  • Sheep In Night's Sun

    Steve heads up to Northwest Territories with Arctic Red River Outfitters in pursuit of dall sheep. Stakes are high when Steve confronts tough and rugged mountains but it's an adventure of a lifetime.

  • Circle Of Life

    Showing both grace and strength, the wild sheep will leave you in awe. Traversing across sheer cliffs and scaling the mountains of the great Rocky Mountain West. But what does the future hold for this majestic animal? As a public trust, they genuinely belong to all of us, so it's up to all of us ...

  • To Russia For Ram

    Host Ryan Kohler journeys to the top of the world as he arrives to the dramatic scenic backdrop of Kamchatka to pursue a snow sheep ram of a lifetime.

  • Del Rojo Al Blanco

  • The Cutting Room Floor

  • Mexico Desert Sheep

    Jason finds himself in Mexico's Baja California Peninsula. His target is desert bighorn sheep, one of Mexico's most elusive animals.

  • Okanagan Sheep Hunt