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Mule Deer & Antelope Channel
  • Last Day Buck

    After hunting hard for 10 days "The Timberwolf" Travis gets his chance at putting a last day buck down. After spending 4 days solo hunting, his luck has turned and a legal buck finally steps out on the final hour of the last day of the season.

  • Hiking for Mule Deer

    The Canadian Tradition is back in Southern Alberta hunting a ranch that is quite possibly one of Taylors most favorite places in all of Canada. Teamed up with friends at McNeice Outfitting theyre in search of a muley buck that will fit perfectly in the freezer.

  • Hunting the Prairies

    Many hours have been spent behind the spotting scope searching for that jaw-dropper of a deer.

  • Wyoming Antelope

    Buck and the crew visit Wyoming to explore the plains and the mountains in pursuit of mule deer and antelope. A look at the wilderness and animals found here are featured.

  • Priceless Memories

    A compilation of Moment of Truth TV's hunting season, one of the best yet!

  • Mule Deer Roller Coaster

    Roger comes so close to success with multiple heart breaker moments, but persistence pays off and he is able to get it done on a beauty!

  • Muzzleloader Whitetails

    Hunting with a muzzleloader provides a challenge to hunters only eclipsed by bow hunting. This style of hunting makes us appreciate the difficulty the early Europeans faced as they settled the wild lands in North America. Justin Herold and Trenton Neil up the challenge hunting for whitetail bucks...

  • November Grind: Alberta Whitetails

    Brody hunts the vast Alberta wilderness in search for a northern bush buck! This week's bonus hunt: Southern Alberta Whitetail Deer

  • Prairie Velvet & Feathered Dreams

    Mitchell and his dad meet up with grandpa in the prairies and have an incredible few days of hunting.

  • Reveal

    Our Reveal Cell Cams play a huge role in our success as hunters, helping us find bigger bucks in real time! Brad takes local pastor Kyle Evans after a buck that is consistent on the Reveals. Then tells producer Adam Carter about a big buck showing up on Adams camera. And we close with staffer Pau...

  • Back to Back in the Bluegrass State

    After Austin's success last year in the Bluegrass state, he's looking to go 2 for 2 as he chases his biggest archery buck ever!

  • Team Effort

    Staffer Paul Powers and Johnny Maxwell are all about growing big bucks in south central Oklahoma that has produced multiple boomers the last few years. Along with buddy Trent Parrish the trio are some giant bucks! This episode is packed with monster Oklahoma whitetail! Don't miss it!

  • Whitetail Mania

    Looking back at Kenny's most memorable whitetail hunts.

  • Best Of Season 8

    Join us as we recap the best hunts of season 8.

  • The Best of Season 11

    A look back at some of the most memorable moments from Season 11. Highlights from top hunts, plenty of laughs and bloopers that didn't quite make the cut.

  • Last Minute / Public Plans

    Part 1: Brennen closes out the Iowa season with punching his final tag with the muzzleloader. Part 2: Mike heads to Western North Dakota to hunt mule deer with the bow on public land.

  • The Struggle is Real

    Host Steve Ecklund is in Colorado for his annual hunt with Greg at Black Horn Outfitters. After a series of mishaps early on, Steve is left wondering whose luck will run out first, his or the buck?

  • The Best of Season 5

    Season 5 finale. Watch the best of the best from our hosts all rolled into one episode.

  • Doing it Right

    Join Steve Ecklund and the crew from Rough Country Outfitting on a controversial and very emotional Southern Alberta mule deer hunt. On this hunt, the boys dig up a monarch of a buck in the strangest fashion, this is appropriately titled "Doing it RIGHT".

  • Grey Ghost of Mexico

    Host Brad Clay and famed hunter, Kendall Jones, head to Old Mexico with Sonora's Premier Outfitters to chase mule deer and the grey ghost coues deer. Join some action south of the border in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world!

  • Dakota Double

    Brennen and Brandon chase Mule Deer for the first time with the bow and arrow.

  • Saskatchewan Mule Deer Hunt

    Saskatchewan Mule Deer Hunt

  • Saskatchewan Mule Deer Backstrap

    Saskatchewan Mule Deer Backstrap

  • When to Wait

    Knowing when to start tracking a deer makes for a better hunter. Understand when to go after a deer and when to wait after the shot.