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Mule Deer & Antelope Channel
  • Bottom of the 9th Home Run

    Mitchell Payment's Moment of Truth TV - S: 7 - E: 6 - After hunting incredibly hard and coming ever so close, Mitchell hits a walk off homer in mule deer country.

  • Alberta Draw Tag Mule Deer

    How to Hunt with Ryan Kohler - S: 6 - E: 4 - Embark on an extraordinary mule deer hunting adventure in Alberta with Ryan Kohler, Corey Cook, and Taylor Thompson. Follow the action as they pursue Corey's prized mule deer and Taylor's exquisite velvet deer.

  • Alberta Deer Hunt

    Long Range Hunter TV - S: 3 - E: 5 - This week, Pierre travels to Alberta West Outfitters with his friends to hunt some giant deer in extreme cold conditions.

  • Return to Raton

    Pursue The Wild - S: 6 - E: 10 - Like an old friend, a good hunting spot always calls you back. You can count on your past experiences to serve as your guide, giving you the wisdom to know where to look, while your boots on the ground take you on a brand-new quest.In this episode of Pursue The Wi...

  • When the Rut Dies

    Deer & Deer Hunting TV - S: 19 - E: 10 - Mark Kayser is in Montana as the whitetail rut is dying down, thankfully for him, his tag is good for whitetail or mule deer.

  • Muley Mania 2022

    Muley Mania Marathon - S: 3 - E: 1 - The best mule deer footage from the Wild TV archives together in one ninety-minute episode, commercial free!

  • Mock Scrape Strategies

    DeerTopia - S: 4 - E: 9 - Hunting mock scrapes isn't as simple as putting one up and watching the magic happen. A strategy catered to the behavioral tendencies of big mature bucks is going to lead to your ultimate chances of success.

  • Mulie Mayhem: Saskatchewan Mule Deer

    Non-Typical Nation - S: 4 - E: 11 - Join Host Brody Teale and Troy Esau as they explore Saskatchewan in pursuit of mule deer with Battle River Cree Outdoors.

  • Bowzone Live S4 Day 6

    Bowzone Live - S: 4 - E: 7 - Season Finale of Bowzone Live Season 4. The hunters have put in tireless efforts this hunting season in search of the Giant Whitetails of the Edmonton Bowzone, Host Tom Gazzola is joined in studio by Keith McDonald watch as we see if anyone hits the target on the last...

  • Wyoming Mule Deer

    Pursue The Wild - S: 6 - E: 8 - Join Kristy Titus and Yogi Rausch as they cash out their Wyoming non-resident points, and they pack into the backcountry in an effort to fill their general deer tags. As they enter this season, they are also embarking on the beginning of a brand-new chapter in thei...

  • Buck Wild

    Mitchell Payment's Moment of Truth TV - S: 7 - E: 9 - Kaelan has both whitetail and mule deer buck tags in her pocket that is looking to fold on a couple nice bucks!

  • Bowzone Live S4 Day 5

    Bowzone Live - S: 4 - E: 6 - As the season nears its climax, Tom Gazzola and Michelle Van Dam bring you riveting stories, expert insights, and the thrill of the chase. Don't miss the excitement on the 2nd to the last live showwhere every arrow takes you closer to the heart of the wild. Also, join...

  • Southwest Wyoming Mule Deer

    Steve’s Outdoor Adventures - S: 20 - E: 6 - Travis Price travels to Southwest Wyoming on the first leg of his fall road trip to hunt a large private range for mule deer.

  • Pennaz Deer Hunt

    Due North Outdoors - S: 17 - E: 6 - We celebrate deer season with stories from the hunt. Up first young hunters overcome obstacles to keep their deer hunting tradition alive, then we visit a one-of-a-kind deer shack and well share a venison recipe to try when you bag your next deer.

  • Knock It and Lightem Up

    Bushnell Presents Prairie Pursuit - S: 6 - E: 5 - Patience and perseverance pays off for both Calvin Kohlman and Tyler Benjaminson. Calvin seals the deal on a giant full velvet mule deer while Tylers many hours in the field rewards him with his target whitetail buck.

  • Steens Mountain Oregon Antelope & Mule Deer

    Pursue The Wild - S: 6 - E: 6 - The legendary Steens Mountain rises alongside the Alvord Desert with deep glacier carved gorges and sweeping sagebrush landscapes. Out here, any hunt will all but guarantee that you will cover many miles of this broken country. In this episode of Pursue the Wild, j...

  • Hunting at Eye Level

    DeerTopia - S: 4 - E: 5 - Over the years Steve has learned the benefits of hunting from the ground and he's sharing why in this episode of DeerTopia.

  • Velvet Mule Deer Hunt

    Outdoors Alive - S: 1 - E: 1 - Join host Ryan Kohler as he goes on an archery hunt for velvet mule deer with veteran outfitter Charlie Strcker in the Peace Country of Northern Alberta.

  • A Decade of Dominance with Steve Ecklund

    The EDGE - Season: 13 - Episode: 13 - Celebrate a decade of wilderness exploration with Steve Ecklund, as he marks ten thrilling years of capturing his hunting adventures on film. From rugged landscapes to awe-inspiring encounters, join him in reliving the exhilarating journey of a true outdoorsman.

  • Alberta Mule Deer Buck

    Follow Dan around Southern Alberta as he tries to harvest his target mule deer buck.

  • Reservation Blues

    Mark Kayser has a rough week trying to find the right whitetail in Southwest South Dakota, so he turns his sights to mule deer instead.

  • Creating Deer Flow

    This episode is from Season 4 of DeerTopia.

    Some call them deer flows, others call them transition zone and some just call them trails. Today we learn how to help deer move where we want them to move on our property.

  • Bulls, Bucks, and Buddies

    This episode is from Season 2 of Dream Makers.

    We meet up with two hunters chasing two separate species. Our recipient Jamison is after a mule deer in North Dakota and is guided by Logan, a previous recipient of the Outdoor Adventure Foundation. The tables turn when Logan has a chance to punch h...

  • The Mom, the Marine and the Crack-Shot Kid

    This episode is from Season 5 of The High Road with Keith Warren.

    We join up with three separate hunters at Keith Warrens Texas Hidden Springs Ranch. First a mother and son duo as they hunt for their dream bucks side by side. Then a young Marine named Claudia as she chases a buck with her bow.