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  • Drawing up Moose Plans

    Plans change throughout two hunts as Greg is on an important mission to help his father Ron and his wife Andrea fill their 2021 draw moose tags in Northern Saskatchewan!

  • Big, Dark, Furry Critters

    Bryan Lloyd goes bear hunting with his daughter at Tobin Lake Trophy Adventures and then moose hunting with his wife on the Saskatchewan prairie.

  • Meat Moose

    Dan spends the rut chasing Alberta moose, and has some up close and personal encounters.

  • 7th Annual Hunting Film Tour

    Tune in to see seven different hardcore hunting adventures in a film festival format.

  • 18 Days in the North

    This week Craig takes a couple clients to a brand new camp to see if they can tag out on some big bull moose in Northern Manitoba.

  • Bigger They Are, the Harder They Fall

    Ken and friends head to Northern Ontario in search for giant moose.

  • Maine Moose Hunt

    Nick drew a coveted Maine moose tag and the USOC Adventures TV cameras are there to follow along. Scott Soucy and the Homestead Lodge Team work hard to get this bull to answer up. See if they can get within range with the Hart Rifle.

  • Life of a Guide - Part 1

    Craig and Dylan head out to Craig's parent's fly in camps to guide for moose season at Small Lake.

  • Moose Hunting the Rut - Part 2

    On this week's hunt, Mitch and Cheeze head up to Northern Alberta to go moose hunting in the peak of the rut. Throughout the week they see many bulls chasing cows, and with hard work and dedication they finally pattern the moose and hone in on the bull they are after. This is a moose hunt you won...

  • Big Tracks & Heavy Racks 2021

    If you've ever seen big tracks, and had dreams of heavy racks, then this month's 90 minute marathon featuring Wild TV's best moose and elk hunts will get you primed for this fall's hunt.

  • Moose hunting the Rut - Part 1

    On this week's hunt, Mitch and Cheeze head up to Northern Alberta to go moose hunting in the peak rut. They see many bulls chasing cows and over the week they pattern the moose to hone in on the bull they are after. This is a moose hunt you wont want to miss!

  • All Things Moose

    Join host Shawna-Lee Enair and the Wild North Adventures crew this week as they link up with three beautiful moose in this episode of all things moose hunting!

  • The Best of Season 11

    A look back at some of the most memorable moments from Season 11. Highlights from top hunts, plenty of laughs and bloopers that didn't quite make the cut.

  • The Best of Season 5

    Season 5 finale. Watch the best of the best from our hosts all rolled into one episode.

  • Backyard Bulls: Alberta Bull Elk

    Non-Typical Nation pro staff, Manni Schneider, kicks off the elk season in a proven honey hole, anything can happen! This weeks bonus hunt: Saskatchewan moose.

  • Moose and Mulies

    On this week's epic episode, Mike guides three exciting hunts and stalks his biggest bull moose ever. Don't miss all the action!

  • Newfoundland Grand Slam

    Jen Shears sets out with her family for Newfoundland moose, woodland caribou and black bear.

  • Swellfish Moose Madness

    Host Steve Ecklund is on the hunt with friends for a moose in Northern BC this week. This picturesque hunt is situated smack dab in Gods country, home base is a small lake that these guys of called moose camp for over 20 years. To sum up the hunt, it's the monster moose and the little Swellfish t...

  • Grilling Tomahawk Moose Backstrap

    Grilling Tomahawk Moose Backstrap

  • Saskatchewan Moose Hunt

    Saskatchewan Moose Hunt

  • Into the Wild - Part 1

    Rick Thomas gets a last minute opportunity to go to Alaska with Nomad Adventures to hunt a grizzly bear and a moose! He takes the all new CVA Paramount muzzleloader and is hoping to be the first person to kill both with the new CVA gun! And first up is his grizzly! But this trip has way more mean...

  • Saskatchewan - Part 1

    Sparky joins Mike Deming in Saskatchewan for some great hunting.

  • Bulls and Bucks - Part 3

    Ryan Kohler, Louie Debrusk and Corey Cooke are on a quest for a beautiful elk while Scott Stirling heads to NWT to capture a majestic bull moose.

  • Yukon Mountain Moose Meca

    Anthony ventures deep into the Yukon wilderness after moose and grizzly.