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  • Sweet as Chocolate

    Mitchell gets thrown a curveball with some unwanted visitors at his bear bait, where he manages to persevere and work through it to get it done!

  • Bear Retrieval Safety Tip

    Shawna-Lee Enair gives a safety tip for retrieving bears in low light

  • Ground Level Bruins

    The boys from Canuck and Bergara are getting up close and personal with Ontario black bears.

  • Heart Stopping Archery Brown Bear Hunt

    This week we follow host Mike Slinkard on a heart pounding archery brown bear hunt on the Alaskan Peninsula. Brown bears are one of the largest predators on earth and Mike is adding to the challenge by trying to take one with archery gear. It's hair raising adrenaline filled hunting at its best a...

  • Spot & Stalk

    Its bear season in Alaska, and Mike has been waiting four years to get this permit. Hes got an itch to take down a big bear, and the Savage is sighted in.

  • Backyard Bears: A BC Bear Hunt

    Mitch and Lynn are on a BC bear hunt in Region 8 of Southern BC. The spring black bear rut is on and Lynn has her mind set on a specific big chocolate bear that they have seen on several occasions. They spend a few days learning the area, and her patience is tested when they encounter many differ...

  • Central BC Spring Black Bear Hunt - Part 2

    After a rough night with no shelter or food, the boys continue with their mountain hunt. The bear hunting heats up and Mitch is able to put the smack down on a gorgeous cinnamon bear! As per tradition on every hunt, Mitch cooks up a mountain meal consisting of some bear back strap, tenderloin a...

  • Boone or Bust: Alberta Black Bears

    Brody's goal is simple. Get a big bear down, on film, on his terms!

  • A Critical Tip for Bear Spray

    Tip: A Critical Tip for Bear Spray

  • Problem Bears Need to Be Terminated not Moved

    Tip: Problem Bears Need to Be Terminated not Moved

  • How to Arrow a Bear for a Quick Kill

    Learn where, and at which angle, to arrow a black bear for a quick kill.

  • Central BC Spring Black Bear Hunt

    Mitch and the Alpine Carnivore crew head out to Central BC on a black bear hunt they won't soon forget. With bears all around them, they are forced to revert to their primal instincts and survive with no food or shelter in near subzero temperatures.

  • Precautions for Setting Up Your Bear Bait Sites

    Michael Taylor shares some tips on how to make your bear baiting safe and successful.

  • Try This Bear Bait Mix

    Tip: Try This Bear Bait Mix

  • How to Load a Bear by Yourself

    Wizard Lake Outfitting's Gunther Tondeleir demonstrates how to load a bear onto a quad by yourself.

  • The Most Reliable Indicator of a Giant Bear

    Tip: The Most Reliable Indicator of a Giant Bear

  • This Is a Myth About Bear Bait

    The Bear Whisperer, Blaine Anthony, exposes a myth about what types of bait bears will eat.

  • This Is What Will Happen If You Over-Bait Bears

    The Bear Whisperer, Blaine Anthony, explains how over-baiting bears will work against you.

  • Little Bit of Everything

    This week the Hitmen crew are chasing a little bit of everything.

  • Big Black Bear, Giant Grizzlies

    On this black bear finale, we take you high up in the mountains. We run into grizzlies on nearly every turn of the trip, our camp is visited by goats and we see the biggest bear of our lives. On day nine, we finally connect with a great bear and enjoy heart and tenderloin over the fire ending th...

  • Big Bear Down!

    On this week's hunt the Alpine Carnivore crew continue to scale the Monashee Mountains in search of black bear. On day nine of this hunt Mitch finally connects with a big black bear at less than 20 yards. After the kill the boys feast on some stuffed tenderloin cooked on hot rocks while enjoying...

  • Yukon Long Claw

    Join host Steve Ecklund as he embarks on a grizzly hunt over a decade in the making.

  • Big, Dark, Furry Critters

    Bryan Lloyd goes bear hunting with his daughter at Tobin Lake Trophy Adventures and then moose hunting with his wife on the Saskatchewan prairie.

  • Chasing Snow Bears

    Mitch and the Alpine Carnivore crew head deep into avalanche country in South East British Columbia. They climb snow-covered peaks to access old burned mountains in search for a bear on the snow.