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  • Mulies in the Snow

    Taylor is Alberta bound in search of mule deer.

  • Alberta Elk & Mule Deer

    Host Ryan Kohler is joined by Corey Cook for an elk hunt, then Ryans off to southern Alberta for mule deer with his son Bryce.

  • Alberta Mule Deer - Part 2

    It's part two of the Outdoor Bound TV hunt of a lifetime presented by Compeer Financial, where winner Ashley Holmgren of Bemidji, Minnesota and her husband John are hunting mule deer high in the mountains of Alberta. On last week's show Ashley got close on a couple beautiful Alberta deer but just...

  • Hiking for Mule Deer

    The Canadian Tradition is back in Southern Alberta hunting a ranch that is quite possibly one of Taylors most favorite places in all of Canada. Teamed up with friends at McNeice Outfitting theyre in search of a muley buck that will fit perfectly in the freezer.

  • Mule Deer Roller Coaster

    Roger comes so close to success with multiple heart breaker moments, but persistence pays off and he is able to get it done on a beauty!

  • November Grind: Alberta Whitetails

    Brody hunts the vast Alberta wilderness in search for a northern bush buck! This week's bonus hunt: Southern Alberta Whitetail Deer

  • Prairie Velvet & Feathered Dreams

    Mitchell and his dad meet up with grandpa in the prairies and have an incredible few days of hunting.

  • The Best of Season 11

    A look back at some of the most memorable moments from Season 11. Highlights from top hunts, plenty of laughs and bloopers that didn't quite make the cut.

  • Doing it Right

    Join Steve Ecklund and the crew from Rough Country Outfitting on a controversial and very emotional Southern Alberta mule deer hunt. On this hunt, the boys dig up a monarch of a buck in the strangest fashion, this is appropriately titled "Doing it RIGHT".

  • Alberta Hat Trick

    Jen and Kerry travel from Newfoundland to Alberta to hunt big mule deer with Blue Bronna Outfitters.

  • Family, Friends and Big Bucks

    David and Danielle tag team parenting while enjoying fall hunting season and harvesting some large whitetail and mule deer bucks.

  • Mule Deer Extravaganza

  • It's All About Me!

    Host Jason Acorn is on an archery hunt for a big southern Alberta mule deer buck.

  • It Was Meant To Be

    Host Jason Acorn is on a archery hunt for a big southern Alberta mule deer.

  • Cold Hands, Warm Gun

  • Stick to Your Guns

  • Stubborn as a Mule

    Helgie Eymundson has his patience tested while archery hunting Northern Alberta mule deer. Meanwhile, Cody in Southern Alberta takes a beautiful buck with his bow, but gets more than he bargained during the recovery.

  • Central Parkland Mule Deer

    Leo and Mitch head out to fill a long awaited mule deer tag in the central parkland of Alberta. With a little luck and whole lot of patience, the team has a hunt to remember.

  • Nick's Muley

    Father and son Grant and Nick Sturko have both drawn their muley tags.

  • Darrell's Muley

    Darrell Sturko has drawn a muley tag in a zone he has been hunting for over 30 years.

  • Return of the Dacyks

    Brothers Eric and Ryan Dacyk share an antelope and muley hunt with us.

  • Chad Mendes, Alberta Mule Deer

    MMA Fighter Chad Mendes joins The Fever in Alberta for an archery mule deer hunt.

  • Ryan's Muley

    Ryan introduces us to a wide framed muley buck weve named Lenny, as he tries to fill a general archery tag.