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  • Hiking for Mule Deer

    The Canadian Tradition is back in Southern Alberta hunting a ranch that is quite possibly one of Taylors most favorite places in all of Canada. Teamed up with friends at McNeice Outfitting theyre in search of a muley buck that will fit perfectly in the freezer.

  • November Grind: Alberta Whitetails

    Brody hunts the vast Alberta wilderness in search for a northern bush buck! This week's bonus hunt: Southern Alberta Whitetail Deer

  • Mule Deer Roller Coaster

    Roger comes so close to success with multiple heart breaker moments, but persistence pays off and he is able to get it done on a beauty!

  • Prairie Velvet & Feathered Dreams

    Mitchell and his dad meet up with grandpa in the prairies and have an incredible few days of hunting.

  • The Best of Season 11

    A look back at some of the most memorable moments from Season 11. Highlights from top hunts, plenty of laughs and bloopers that didn't quite make the cut.

  • Doing it Right

    Join Steve Ecklund and the crew from Rough Country Outfitting on a controversial and very emotional Southern Alberta mule deer hunt. On this hunt, the boys dig up a monarch of a buck in the strangest fashion, this is appropriately titled "Doing it RIGHT".

  • Alberta Hat Trick

    Jen and Kerry travel from Newfoundland to Alberta to hunt big mule deer with Blue Bronna Outfitters.

  • Family, Friends and Big Bucks

    David and Danielle tag team parenting while enjoying fall hunting season and harvesting some large whitetail and mule deer bucks.

  • Matt's 2018 Muley

    Matt has a muley draw in our most hunted WMU.

  • Passing the Torch

    Brice shares with us his children's hunts from recent years.

  • Hunting with HECS

    Hunting with HECS

  • Heart and Determinatiuon

    Jason Acorn hunts Mule Deer in Alberta. Spot and stock with stick and string. Jason hunts for a mature Mule Buck test his mind and his body.

  • It's All About Me!

    Host Jason Acorn is on an archery hunt for a big southern Alberta mule deer buck.

  • It Was Meant To Be

    Host Jason Acorn is on a archery hunt for a big southern Alberta mule deer.

  • Cold Hands, Warm Gun

  • Stick to Your Guns

  • Stubborn as a Mule

    Helgie Eymundson has his patience tested while archery hunting Northern Alberta mule deer. Meanwhile, Cody in Southern Alberta takes a beautiful buck with his bow, but gets more than he bargained during the recovery.

  • Central Parkland Mule Deer

    Leo and Mitch head out to fill a long awaited mule deer tag in the central parkland of Alberta. With a little luck and whole lot of patience, the team has a hunt to remember.

  • Nick's Muley

    Father and son Grant and Nick Sturko have both drawn their muley tags.

  • Darrell's Muley

    Darrell Sturko has drawn a muley tag in a zone he has been hunting for over 30 years.

  • Return of the Dacyks

    Brothers Eric and Ryan Dacyk share an antelope and muley hunt with us.

  • Chad Mendes, Alberta Mule Deer

    MMA Fighter Chad Mendes joins The Fever in Alberta for an archery mule deer hunt.

  • Archery Mule Deer - Part 2

    Its archery season and Scott and his buddy Arnold are looking fill their mule deer buck tags. Part 2 of 2.

  • Archery Mule Deer - Part 1

    Its archery season and Scott and his buddy Arnold are looking fill their mule deer buck tags. Part 1 of 2.