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  • Meat Moose

    Dan spends the rut chasing Alberta moose, and has some up close and personal encounters.

  • Moose hunting the Rut - Part 1

    On this week's hunt, Mitch and Cheeze head up to Northern Alberta to go moose hunting in the peak rut. They see many bulls chasing cows and over the week they pattern the moose to hone in on the bull they are after. This is a moose hunt you wont want to miss!

  • The Best of Season 11

    A look back at some of the most memorable moments from Season 11. Highlights from top hunts, plenty of laughs and bloopers that didn't quite make the cut.

  • Chasing Cats and Moose

    Bryan Lloyd joins the Prairie Pursuit team, and to kick off this season he goes catfishing with his wife Tracie and moose hunting in Alberta with his good friends Rick and Corwin.

  • Jason Dyck's Guide Life - Alberta Moose & Bear

    This week Jason is in Northern Alberta to hunt moose in less than ideal conditions when he spots a large black bear.

  • Moose Hunt with The Rackman

    Flatliners is high-energy, high-impact hunting television at its best. Watch rifle and archery hunts that will take you across Canada and around the world. Regular joes Jim and Kubi discover that making your own hunting show is harder than it looks with their hilarious segment Killshot. Langlois ...

  • Cold Hands, Warm Gun

  • The Moose Mega Show

  • Northern AB DIY Fly In Moose Hunt

    This final episode for this season of Coyote Country features Leo and good friend Scott as they pack up and fly North for a DIY moose hunt.

  • Kyle's Moose

    Kyle starts his season off with APA in hand chasing an Alberta prairie velvet bull moose.

  • King of The Rainbow

    Ryan Kohler hunts close to home in the Edmonton Bow Zone, where he encounters mule deer, moose and a giant whitetail he'll remember forever.

  • Feeding the Hungry

  • Moose Draw Redemption

    Jonathon Ferguson has had two seasons full of close encounters with an archery moose tag but this year he draws the coveted general tag in Alberta and is out for redemption.

  • Alberta Moose Madness

    Vanessa hunts moose in Alberta with Curtis Fischer from Silver Willow Taxidermy.

  • Alberta Moose/Antelope

    TJ hunt moose and antelope in Central Alberta.

  • Alberta Moose

    Dan Mosier takes a giant Alberta moose.

  • Fresh Tracks - First Time

    Joel is finally of legal hunting age and is ready for his first ever hunt. With unpredictable weather conditions in southern Alberta, this bow hunt might be a little harder than expected, but he'll have help from the entire family as they all head out.

  • Massive Moose

    Joel Schmid teams up with a family friend on a partnered tag for a rare moose hunt in Alberta. Joel will need to make sure everything is in working order so he doesnt miss this amazing opportunity.

  • Spot & Stalk Moose

    Scott's son David enters his sophomore year of hunting with his first spot and stalk moose hunt.

  • Archery Mule Deer - Part 2

    Its archery season and Scott and his buddy Arnold are looking fill their mule deer buck tags. Part 2 of 2.

  • Passing the Torch

    Brice shares with us his children's hunts from recent years.