7 Episodes

Retired rocker Brad Tattered is assembling a team to take the automotive scene by storm. Inventing new products, exploring the country & impacting people. Challenges arise in an everchanging landscape that is the life of a business owner. Follow the team as they grow, invent, take on new challenges & impact the people around them. Watch as automotive art is formed!

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  • The Beginning

    Episode 1

    2020 and 1972 collide! Retired rocker Brad Tattered hits the automotive scene in a new way

  • Bulletproof Family

    Episode 2

    A 1972 frame chop, family life and a bulletproof business.

  • Alberta Built

    Episode 3

    Project 72 continues! Brad goes down to one of the fastest growing companies in Alberta, Falkbuilt, to see what's going down.

  • Body-Liner on Ice

    Episode 4

    Innovations for customization and protection, a sick dually, project 72 get a LS swap and meet the man behind the lens!

  • Lambos, Castles & Stars

    Episode 5

    A dual turbo 5th Gen Cummins with a Starlight Headliner, The Driven Car Show and Project 72 moves forward.

  • Alberta Evolution

    Episode 6

    A sasquatch hunter, headlight retrofitting, the 72 GMC evolves into a hot-rod and we talk business!

  • Rooftop Fire

    Episode 7

    We interview former Dragons Den member/businessman Brett Wilson at Rooftop YYC, Project 72 Reveal, hit up local guitar maker Goliath Guitars and much more!