704 Outdoors

704 Outdoors

13 Episodes

704 Outdoors is hosted by Beth & John MacPherson. The show is based out of North Carolina and we love to showcase all the great outdoor activities the South has to offer. From whitetail deer to wild hogs, we love to take on new adventures in our fast paced, southern hunting style. Follow along as we also travel across the county on do it yourself hunts that the everyday sportsman can relate and enjoy.

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704 Outdoors
  • Monster Whitetails of Ohio

    Episode 1

    John & Beth head to Ohio with the owners of Black Widow Deer Lures, Andy & Janice. Janice harvests her first monster buck and Beth opts for a doe to collect some venison to punch her tag.

  • Early Season Bowhunting

    Episode 2

    John heads out for opening weekend of North Carolina's whitetail deer season. He connects with a coyote and buck!

  • Spring Time Wild Turkeys & Wild Hogs

    Episode 3

    Daniel experiences an exciting wild turkey hunt followed by a wild hog bowhunt with John.

  • From Field to Table

    Episode 4

    The ladies head out to collect some meat from the freezer and Paul shares one of his favorite recipes.

  • 704 Invades Texas

    Episode 5

    John, Glenn and Josh head to Texas to meet with Smokey & Jason of Aluminum Fab Industries for some hunting fun!

  • Down on the Medio

    Episode 6

    John and Glenn continue their adventure in Texas with Aluminum Fab. They finish out strong with a nice boar and then head to Victoria for more wild hog hunting action.

  • Winter Wonderland on Baby Everest

    Episode 7

    Beth hates the climb to the stand we call Baby Everest, but it pays off big in the most beautiful setting you can imagine!

  • Monsters of the Cape Fear

    Episode 8

    John and his father head out to help a landowner in the eastern part of North Carolina with his wild hog problem.

  • North Carolina Hog Hunt

    Episode 9

    Kayla and Sean head to Anson County to get on some wild hogs. Then Michael comes up from Georgia to do some hog eradication with John.

  • Deer Hunting

    Episode 10

    Lee Howard build one heck of a tower stand he calls the Stairway to Heaven. He has a couple great whitetail deer hunts and gets it all on film!

  • Bowfishing Stingrays

    Episode 11

    The team heads out with Captain Dale Collins of Fish or Die Charters in search of stingrays on the coast of North Carolina.

  • Two Great Hog Hunts

    Episode 12

    After participating in the Carolina Coyote Classic, John MacPherson is joined by Sean Casey of DNA Firearm systems to go hog hunting. Later he is joined by Adam Simpson for another incredible hog hunt!

  • Hog & Coyote Hunting

    Episode 13

    John and Sean Casey help out a farmer who is having a problem with wild hogs, then it's coyote time!